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Malaria is still a top killer in Africa. While the fight against malaria has made impressive gains over the last decade, the emergence of multiple drug-resistant (MDR) malaria is a ticking time bomb, with potential to reverse all the gains and even begin one of the worst pandemics in history.

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Smartphone app based information system

Multiply impact of taxpayer funding through improved targeting of interventions!

Target funding: $8,500

We have collected $8,549 of our $8,500 target. It is 100.58% of our goal for the Smartphone-based information system campaign


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Help Stop Emerging Incurable Malaria Now!

A Disaster Prevention Fundraiser by Consortium for Health Action

Target funding: $99,000

We have collected $50,615 of our $99,000 target. It is 51.13% of our goal for the Help Us Stop Emerging Incurable Malaria Now! campaign


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Red to Green, Keep it Green.

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Despite very high household treated net coverage in our Eastern Vietnam study site, their use in the actual transmission sites is very low (Red).   Most sites (80%) are accessible within 1 hour by motorcycle, allowing direct intervention monitoring ( Green, Keep it Green).  Most of the remainder of mobile people can be captured at two forest entry checkpoints to achieve Green status.

Our mobile app solution and simple visualization of treatment and prevention coverage will allow the NMCP (National Malaria Control Program) leadership to provide near real time corrective action to rapidly stop malaria transmission.

*We can do this in partnership*

Why our consortium is designed to win

We enable already strong existing institutions in the host countries to utilize funding more effectively and provide a missing link to important partners (including you). By facilitating sharing of information, resources and expertise between institutions cutting across administrative, geographical, cultural lines, we enable institutions become many times more effective in our fight against malaria.



Our consortium is our small core team of mostly volunteers, the national malaria control programs, and supporting partners who will help make things happen.   Our donors are key partners in the consortium for achievement of our objectives.


Our technology-enabled platforms allow us to track our performance almost in real-time to adjust resource allocation.  Most institutions working on malaria elimination are large bureaucracies.  Our small size allows us to be agile and help them facilitate their objectives.


Our innovative pay-for-performance intervention measures help enable us to hold our partners and ourselves accountable for each dollar spent.  Our US-based Certified Public Accountant ensures we follow US non-profit rules and regulations.

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Core values & beliefs

To facilitate long-term sustainability, we focus on enabling and strengthening host country institutions.  We connect the cross-border and intersector partners to help each other.  We believe in full transparency and accountability.  We recognize the privilege that you grant us when you become a donor, fundraiser, volunteer, or simply as someone who is raising awareness. In return for the privilege we receive, we want to be able to assure you that each dollar you donate, each hour you spend us helping, is making the impact you would hope. Your donation, your time, will help save lives, change lives and help create a healthier world.




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