While the fight against malaria has made good progress of the last decade, the emergence of multiple drug resistant malaria could erase them all and is a huge threat to public health. We believe we know how to rapid eliminate the strains, but we need with your help.


Vietnam has a highly successful malaria control history, highly competent National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and provincial-level public health system. They are the most capable in the region to show with small changes in strategy, application of smart-phone technology and collaboration with consortium partners that malaria can be rapidly eliminated from the region.

Malaria in SE Asia is only transmitted in or very near the forest. Only seven priority “islands” of malaria (forest) remain in Vietnam (see map in projects below). We have prioritized two of these islands based on emerging incurable malaria and numbers of migrants working in risk areas (who will spread the resistant strains).

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