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Our new initiative is to help as many children as possible to get early interventions for developmental delay

Smartphone app based information system

Multiply impact of taxpayer funding through improved targeting of interventions!

Target funding: $8,500

We have collected $8,549 of our $8,500 target. It is 100.58% of our goal for the Smartphone-based information system campaign


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Help Stop Emerging Incurable Malaria Now!

A Disaster Prevention Fundraiser by Consortium for Health Action

Target funding: $99,000

We have collected $50,615 of our $99,000 target. It is 51.13% of our goal for the Help Us Stop Emerging Incurable Malaria Now! campaign


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What we did which we believe in combination led to Alan’s remarkable improvement:

  • Realized he was missing developmental milestones and had unusual behaviors
  • Sought early medical attention (diagnosis – developmental delay in Vietnam and autism by an American pediatrician in Japan)
  • Accepted initially a diagnosis of speech delay and after time, autism (the interventions are the same).
  • Family engaged
    1. Stopped all screen time
    2. Chose Vietnamese as his primary language
    3. Had him first learn words to communicate
    4. Used techniques to get him to talk
    5. Read to and played with him every day
    6. Changed to a nanny who is good with children
    7. Joined an autism support Facebook group with 20,000 members in Vietnam
    8. Became expert on the diagnoses and closely tracked his progress
  • Provided the best available special education we could find in Hanoi and had volunteer support from the USA

Core values & beliefs

To facilitate long-term sustainability, we focus on enabling and strengthening host country institutions.  We connect the cross-border and intersector partners to help each other.  We believe in full transparency and accountability.  We recognize the privilege that you grant us when you become a donor, fundraiser, volunteer, or simply as someone who is raising awareness. In return for the privilege we receive, we want to be able to assure you that each dollar you donate, each hour you spend us helping, is making the impact you would hope. Your donation, your time, will help save lives, change lives and help create a healthier world.




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