Request for Volunteers

We are currently seeking committed volunteers and limited funding to pilot an English teaching and motivation system in Vietnam and India through by teaching by Skype.  The intent is to introduce the first method for poverty reduction that can be readily be taken to scale.


The majority of impoverished people live in Asia.  In Asia and the Pacific, 330 million people (the population of the USA) still live on less than $1.90 a day and 1.2 billion below the poverty line of $3.10 a day.

ConsortiumHA’s initial activities will be to pilot activities to tackle the root cause of malaria, poverty.   For those that are successful, we plan to scale them in partnership with local organizations using a franchise model, with native English-speaking volunteers and with Corporate Social Responsibility/individual donor support.

The first area of interest is developing English language skills. Most young Asians now want to speak English, as it has been adopted as the regional business language.  We also believe English is a skill that will help lift many people out of the cycle of poverty.

We have examples of how English can be learned through mobile phone apps and subtitled movies for both young adults (e.g. my wife) and children.  Conversational supplementation and motivation from Western volunteers by Skype absolutely help!

Young people living in poverty often have little access to know what their potential lives could be (as a volunteer said, “they are living in silos”).  We plan to address this with “digital storytelling,” through people from the same ethnic group and/or region describing about how they were able successfully to escape poverty.

An Irish professional English teacher living in Hanoi will be helping our team to adapt the Cambridge curriculum onto very low-cost platform.  We are currently seeking committed Native English speaking volunteers to pilot the system. Ultimately we plan offer an option for interested volunteers to come visit, to see how their students and their families really live and to teach in person.

In Vietnam we have identified our three pilot populations: 1) Young adults in Hanoi who self-identified on Facebook that they need English to find a job or better job, 2) Young adults in a community college in northern Vietnam (mostly ethnic minorities) who want to learn English, but do not have the financial means, 3) Young ethnic minority adults living near a famous tourist area (Sapa) in northern Vietnam who can find better jobs in the tourism industry if they can effectively communicate in English.   We will not have difficulty finding students!

Visit to Tanzania as a college student, India as a medical student and Indonesia as a young doctor were all life-changing experiences for me.   We hope this program will also be life-changing for some of those volunteering.

Phase I Activities:

  • Identify existing pilot partner schools, teachers and students (nearly complete in Vietnam)
  • Finalize initial curriculum by age group (target completion for young adults – 1 Jun 17
  • Hire project coordinators (one central and two local for 6 months, pending funding), $6600
  • Purchase limited equipment (pending funding, smart phones and Internet access as need, most already have access in Vietnam) (20 phones and 1 high speed internet hub) – $2720
  • Travel for staff $500
  • Make initial digital success stories (target completion for young adults – 1 Jun 17
  • Sign contracts with teachers and students (target completion for young adults – 15 Jun 17
  • Develop/adapt smart phone app-based performance monitoring system in Kobo toolbox (free for NGOs)
  • Develop web-based training materials for teachers and students (Target 1 Jun 17, optimized after pilot)
  • Demonstrate clear impact of program using scientific methods (Target 15 Oct 17)
  • Execute similar pilot in India (Target start 1 Aug 17)
  • Develop plan to scale (Target 15 July 17)
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