Multiply impact of taxpayer funding through improved targeting of interventions


This year we showed that taxpayers have funded 4.3 treated nets per household to prevent mosquito bites in our eastern Vietnam study site.   The problem is there is little transmission in those households and <20% of people traveling to risk areas actually use one of those nets provided at tax-payer expense.

In Phase I, we will adapt our smartphone app survey system to provide regular feedback to malaria elimination leadership about current critical “gaps” needing solutions using Kobo Toolbox, a Harvard-based information management system that is free for NGOs. In the next phase of this project, we use this system to achieve good intervention coverage and use in the actual risk locations.

Phase I Activities:

  • Migrate current system to KoboToolbox (free for NGOs) or DHIS2 (depending on funders plans), with key indicators requested by Global Fund and National Malaria Control Programs.
  • Field test the system in Cambodia


Phase I Budget Components:

  • 4 months physician scientist time to adapt, migrate and test the system
  • 4 months administrative/IT support to adapt, migrate and test the system
  • Cambodia malaria elimination staff – 2 months field testing system

*We will provide each donor requesting information feedback on the results

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